There are interesting tourist destinations in the environment of Banja Vrujci - Vrujci spa that must be mentioned:

  • Divčibar
  • Struganik - birthplace house of Duke Živojin Mišić
  • Mountain Rajac
  • Ribnica cave
  • Ravna Gora
  • Monastery Bogovađa
  • Valjevo

Divčibare, ski center at 1,000m altitude on the mountain Maljen, has a long tradition as a favorite excursion and picnic place people from Belgrade and Valjevo. In a center of Divčibare there is a big market, with the famous cheese and cream, a few small shops, three big hotels - Divčibare, Pepa, and Maljen. In the winter there are a lot of snow, and in summer time it is colder than in the rest of the country. Around Divčibare there are several peaks that take to a relatively mild chute, and from the peaks there are fantastic sight.

Struganik, 5km away from the Banja Vrujci - the Vrujci spa, is a village with a museum, the birthplace house of Duke Živojin Mišić. Duke Živojin Mišić (1855 - 1921) was a famous general who took part in all the wars of that period - in the Serbian-Turkish war in 1876, in both the Balkan wars and in the first World War.

Rajac, 23km away from the Banja Vrujci - the Vrujci spa, is a mountain with large fields of 600-800m hight. Rajac is well known for its wonderful sights from which you can see an area from  Posavina to Belgrade, as well as for mowing that is known as special event from 1965.

Ribnica cave, one of the most beautiful pearls of the basin's river canyon Kolubara is river  Ribnica, located at the foot of the northern slopes mountains Divčibare and Maljen. In only a few kilometers from the village Brežđe, where Ribnica makes decidedly key, some ten feet above the left coast, you can easily see beautiful cave. This extremely dry and not too deep cave is named for guano deposits, bat droppings, which cover darkened cave passages.

The cave has two almost equal entance passages, which are connected deeper in the interior into one big room. Already for two decades, these two channels are subject to intensive archaeological researches. With archaeological excavations not so large area part it has been discovered very interesting testimony of hunters present from the end of the Ice Age (nearly 12.000 years):so many quartz, bone tools and weapons. Archaeological excavations found several traces of the Romans  present- metal coins, vessels etc.

Ravna Gora is located in the southwest part of Suvobor in Serbia at 997m above sea level. The best known is the fact that in this place was headquarters of general Dragoljub Mihailovic during the Second World War, there was a center of the Chetniks . Today Ravna Gora is known for  Days of Ravna gora, that are held every year from 8 till 12 May, when over than 100,000 people visit this place.

Bogovađa, the monastery, is  from the Banja Vrujci - the Vrujci spa 23 km away. Originally it was built in 1545, but at the end of the XVIII century was burned and to the middle XIX century was built a new church. In its residence there is a museum about I and II Serbian Uprising.

Valjevo is city of nearly 200,000 inhabitants, 30km away from the Banja Vrujci -Vrujci spa. We would like to emphasize: Tešnjar - an old trading center from the 19th century, consisting of one street along the river Kolubara, Canyon of the river  Gradac with a beach, Petnica - old village 5 km away from Valjevo, known for its turbulent history in the 18th century, as well as  for Petnica cave and Research Center.